And here we came across Shreelesh S Nair’s Kodava film Paarane which is making some noise in the Press and Media lately.

Paarane tells the story of struggle by people from a village named ‘Paarane’ for their existence and entity. Encroaches attack and try to destroy their Native Natural Resources, Wildlife and Land’s culture, in the name of business. Realizing this, the lead roles revolt against the invaders and safeguard their Motherland.

The high-points of the films is, it is made on a shoestring budget of merely 3 Lakhs, as claimed by the director Shreelesh S Nair.


Yes, actually around 2.5 Lakhs or something, but we went on spending 3 Lakhs. I love to do experimental cinemas, so i thought risking is better than regretting“. says Shreelesh.

As far as Paarane’s release goes, the director informed he is targeting for Film Festivals presently.

None of the actors were professionally into films.Cinema introduces all characters are new actors and the audition was held at different parts of Kodagu. This Not A Movie or A Film.. It’s Purely a Cinema. Claims the film’s official press release.

We wish loads of luck to the entire team of Paarane and pray the film sets a new Bench-Mark in the film industry.