Shah Rukh Khan Image Courtesy | Official Facebook

It all started out when a Kannada Daily reported the news about Shah Rukh Khan singing praises about Sandalwood’s most anticipated movie KGF starring Yash.

The Daily went on to report about how Bollywood’s superstar is impressed by the Trailer of the film and wishes to meet namma Rocking star Yash (Whenever he is in Mumbai).

After this news, there were certain small time YouTube channels and small time Troll Pages (Mainly from Kannada Film Industry) also carried this news in their own way.

However, to clarify further, as of now this news is very much unauthentic and baseless. Leave aside the King Khan, not even this news is authenticated from the makers of KGF or Distributors.

A reputed Bollywood source says “Shah Rukh Khan has no clue about the film KGF. He is very busy in promoting Zero. Whoever is spreading this News, is merely a Fool. If King Khan wants to appreciate a film, he will at least Tweet about it?”.

On the other hand, a Distributor chirps “There are very limited numbers of screens booked in Hindi Belt for KGF. I wish this SRK appreciating KGF News was True! This fake News is either circulated by the PR Machinery of KGF or by the Fans from Karnataka”.

We at Sandalwood Cinema wish this news was True and we pray that KGF and Zero, both the films do wonders at the Box Office.