Sangeetha Sringeri (Image Courtesy - Facebook)

Sangeetha Sringeri is not at all a new name for Television. She was breath taking with whatever she did back then.

Sangeetha Sringeri grabbed the eye balls when she was signed on as the main lead opposite Rakshit Shetty in 777 Charlie. The film is still in the making and now we hear, the Selena Gomez of namma Kannada Cinema has signed few more interesting films.

The first one to release this year is senior film maker S Mahendar’s Kannada Mestru. Sangeetha will be seen romancing a new actor in the film.

After Kannada Mestru, the actress will be seen in Srinivas Nag’s hard-hitting drama Salagara Sahakara Sangha which will talk about the current educational system.

The people who are working with the actress are going full praises on the way Sangeetha is dedicated and passionate towards her work. The actress believes in getting into proper skin of every character to enhance her performances in all of her films.

Sangeetha is also not scared of being experimental and her newly signed film Salagara Sahakara Sangha is the best example.

For this right moment, all we can say is Sangeetha Sringeri is unstoppable this year!