The stage has been set for the grand entry of Veteran actor Ravichandran’s son Vikram. If things moved according to the plan, Novembernali Naanu Avallu should have been a Vikram’s debut film. Nevertheless, Jr. Ravichandran is now preparing for an action cum love story film directed by Sahana Murthy aka Narasimha of Rose and Mass Leader fame and produced by Somashekar and Suresh.

Ravichandran was delighted upon hearing the script, felt the story is a felicitous one for Vikram’s Debut so, went ahead and gave a green signal to the director.

The team is planning to commence the shooting from Yugadi and to have a 70 days shot schedule. The title of the film to be revealed on Valentine’s day.

Talks are going on to bring Arjun Janya on board as the music director, while the Santhosh Rai Pathaje has been confirmed as the cinematographer. The team is in search of the female lead, and soon to have an audition for the same, likely to rope a Kannada Heroine.

In the interim, Vikram is preparing through the acting workshop, getting trained by the Choreographers and also learning gymnastics & other stunts under Ravi Verma’s guidance.