After this week’s big release, The Villain and The Terrorist, namma Sandalwood saw audience coming in a huge capacity to the Cinema Halls to see their stars Kichcha Sudeep and Dr Shivaraj Kumar.

However, The Villain received mixed to negative reviews from the Critics and most of the sectors did not liked the film and openly rejected it. The makers went on to made a statement about the film earning 50 Crores at the Box Office, which is still in question.

But here we have a small survey report where the cine-goers who was not satisfied with this week’s releases, gave a try to Naduve Antaravirali.

Naduve Antaravirali which was released on 5th October, this month, enjoys it’s week at few Cinema Halls.

An Exhibitor (Name kept Anonymous) says “People were expecting something big from The Villain which they didn’t got and it made them upset. There are certain sector of audience who are coming to see Naduve Antaravirali, but because of the less shows, they are disappointed. Most of the shows are been taken by The Villain and i have heard, those shows are running empty and cannot be replaced by another movie as the Exhibitors has to recoup their high investment. Unfortunately, a good film like Naduve Antaravirali is suffering“.

Naduve Antaravirali is directed by Raveen and when it was released, it opened to some rave reviews from the Critics and Audience.