Rishika Singh is not a new name in namma Sandalwood Film Industry. But i swear, i laughed my lungs out when i heard Rishika Singh turning towards Direction. And yes! She will be directing a full-length feature film soon.

Rishika started out as an Actress in Kannada Film Industry. As an Actor, she tried hard but she couldn’t make it (For the reasons best known to her). She also was a contestant for Bigg Boss (For the reasons best known to her). And now she will be directing a feature film soon (Again, for the reasons best known to her).

Yes, she comes from a legendary Film makers family. Her father is a legendary film maker Rajendra Singh Babu, her brother Adithya is a terrific actor. Yes, we know even Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan is son of legendary Amitabh Bachchan, we swear we are not passing a remark on anyone here!

So coming back at Rishika Singh as a Film maker, the yet-to-be-titled project will be contemporary and has a youth-connect. It’s a romance, with very little drama and a lot of humour. We swear this is what we came to know from the trade circle and we are not poking fun at the lady.

The story of this film was developed by Rishika, along with two others. One of the girl is from Denmark who came to Bengaluru to get trained at Tent Cinema. The other girl has been working as an assistant director. Rajamani’s son, Achu Rajamani, is scoring the music for the film.

I swear i cannot write anything more about it as i cannot control my laughter. Whenever this film takes off, we will keep you posted. By any reason, if the film never takes off, we will still keep you posted!

We always love and support Kannada Cinema. But we cannot support just ‘Anything’ right? Please have a heart and understand us readers!

On a very serious note; Rishika Singh is a good looking actress. An Actor is a fighter who never loose! An Actor should only do for what he  or she was born for=Acting. That is all we know.