You are reading this absolutely right friends! What will happen when three genius of Sandalwood comes together to form a Mystery Thriller about Page No 109? What is the mystery about this missing Page?

I shamelessly repeat my words again! The three Kannada Cinema’s sensible Genius Karthik Jayaram (JK), Naveen Krishna and director Dayal Padmanabhan are about to bring a Mystery Thriller you have never witnessed before. The film is called Puta 109.

The film is a K.Manju presentation and it is again written by Naveen Krishna and Dayal Padmanabhan jointly. Puta 109 was launched simultaneously with another most anticipating Thriller by the same team ‘Aa Karala Raatri’. Both the films, Aa Karala Raatri and Puta 109 are ready for release. And trust me, going with the Team’s track record, both the films will surely blow your mind!

Who says that Kannada Films are dying? Who says Kannada Cinema cannot be bigger than other South Indian cinemas?

Take it real easy! We still have amazing people who fearlessly makes films like Aa Karala Raatri and Puta 109. And to back these fearless Film makers, we have marvelous actors like Karthik Jayaram (JK) and Naveen Krishna.

We at Sandalwood Cinema will keep you more updated about both the films in near future. Till then, stay anticipated! And keep praising Namma Sandalwood!