Bengaluru police on Friday arrested Kannada film actor Duniya Vijay from a resort at Pandalur in the Nilgris in Tamil Nadu for allegedly deterring the police from arresting an accused in the ‘Maasthi Gudi’ film tragedy case that occurred on the shooting spot.

The incident was while shooting a stunt scene for ‘Maasthi Gudi’ in November 2016, two actors Raghava Uday and Anil Kumar jumped off a helicopter along with Duniya Vijay into the Thippagondanahalli reservoir. The two actors drowned in the reservoir as they jumped without any safety gears while Duniya Vijay landed safely as he wore a life guard jacket.

After a huge hue and cry from the Press and Media, the case was registered against film director Naga Shekhar, producer Sundar P Gowda, stunt director Ravi Varma, assistant director Siddharth, unit manager Bharath and helicopter pilot Prakash Biradar.

Duniya Vijay became the prime witness to this entire case. Tavarakere police attempted to arrest Sundar P Gowda from Duniya Vijay’s residence a month ago. Police said the actor had spoke and requested with the officials to help Sundar P Gowda escape. He even assured the officials that he would produce Sundar P Gowda in the police station the following day but he failed. Immediately, another case was filed against Duniya Vijay by the authority.

The actor went missing and a special team was formed to arrest him and bring back to Bengaluru.