Kannada Cinema’s eminent Film maker Yogaraj Bhat sounds very upset this time as Yogi Devagange and the makers of recently released 2nd Half movie are using his name in the Title Credits of their movie as a ‘Presenter’.

To mention it more clearly, 2nd Half movie’s trailer shows Yogaraj Bhat’s name as a Presenter!


The recent tweet from Yogaraj Bhat has shocked the Kannada audience about why Yogaraj Bhat has refrained the makers from using his name. The Tweet sounds as if Yogaraj Bhat wants to clear the vibes of he being just a Lyric Writer in the film and not a Presenter.

“I have not presented or produced the movie ‘2nd Half’. Director Yogi Devagange had worked with me and i have penned two songs for this film. I insist the makers to remove my name from the credits immediately.” tweeted Yogaraj Bhat.

Why Yogaraj Bhat who is famous for supporting Kannada Films and Kannada Film makers have tweeted this? Is he not happy with the film’s outcome? Are the makers of 2nd Half trying to milk his name?

No official confirmation or any statement has been issued from the sides of 2nd Half makers as of yet.

It is remains to be seen if the makers will meet the demands of Yogaraj Bhat.

However, we would like to add that we at Sandalwood Cinema are the first ones to cover this News as soon as it was Tweeted by the maker.