If we tell you that we have an actor who plays not one, but Eleven roles in a film and that too in just 26 Minutes! What would you feel? Tamil actor Kamal Haasan?

Well, you’re wrong! He is namma Bengaluru based film enthusiast Aaditya Bharadwaj.
He is all set to release his latest film titled Auto Bhaskara, in which he gets into the shoes of Eleven characters in just 26 minutes.

Auto Bhaskara’s story generalizes a typical day in an auto driver’s life and the kind of people he deals with in that particular day from morning till evening. Aaditya has written and directed the film with the smallest crew possible that consists of a Director of Photography, Editor and VFX technician and Make Up director. Auto Bhaskara is currently in the post-production stage and Aaditya plans to release the film on Jhankar Music and Mars Film’s YouTube Channel.

Auto Bhaskara Poster (From Aaditya Bharadwaj’s Facebook Handle)

However, the release dates have not been finalized yet, but Aaditya is surely planning for a mixture of a Teaser cum Trailer and he seems very confident about the Promotional Plans he has in his mind.

We at Sandalwood Cinema wish Aaditya Bharadwaj loads of success and best wishes and we too are excited to see what Auto Bhaskara gives us as a Film!

Courtesy and Special Thanks: Sridevi S