Rajakumari Image Courtesy | Anusha Rai

Anusha Rai is an actress who treats acting as worshiping. Her new TV Series Rajakumari is all set to take a huge start from Monday to Friday on Kasthuri Channel.

The actress is very excited about this TV Series where she plays the devotee of Lord Hanuman.

Going by the teaser, the series looks a high budgeted family drama with mix of mythological elements in it.

Anusha Rai | Rajakumari

Anusha Rai’s looks in the series carry full of swag. The actress is wearing sun glasses and riding a bike with full on style and the right attitude.

The young actress, despite her tight schedule from films, accepted Rajakumari because she thinks she is very close to the character. The character name is Poorvi and she is the lead in the serial who is Lord Hanuman’s devotee.

We wish Anusha Rai and Rajakumari’s teamĀ  loads of success and we pray the serial wins hearts all over. The Serial will be aired at 7pm.