Sandalwood’s own Robert DeNiro a.k.a Crazy Star V Ravichandran is coming up with something intriguing and interesting at the same time. It is a film called Rajendra Ponnappa which the crazy star writes, directs as well as acts in it.

The sad part is we got access to the film’s first look poster thru Social Media. A versatile talented genius V Ravichandran who dedicates his life to Kannada Cinema reveals his next film’s Poster, and no PR machinery properly shares or distributes it? If this was released in Tamil, Telugu or Hindi by a star which has namma crazy star’s caliber, their websites and their news portals would have flooded with the film’s look. This is how we plan to make Kannada Cinema big? We need to wake up and apologize!

However, coming back at Rajendra Ponnappa, the film is about a criminal lawyer (As the poster suggests) and actress Radhika makes her come back with this film.

We wish V Ravichandran see a huge success with RP!