We say this very proudly! Who claims that Kannada Film makers cannot compete with other South Indian language makers? Come and see writer-director Rishika Sharma’s horror film Trunk first poster and teaser and you will be surprised.

A “Female” film maker Rishika Sharma shows if one is dedicated and passionate, he or she can make an amazing film in a shoe string budget. Trunk’s posters and teaser will surely creep you out and will definitely give you spine chilling sleep! Take a bow Ms Sharma! You proved us that even we Indians (Especially Kannadigas) can make equally strong Horrors like Hollywood.

Trunk which is based on a True Story, stars Vaishali Deepak and the film revolves around her character which speaks of a real-life exorcism that happened in a North Karnataka Christian family. To be very honest, Vaishali Deepak and her shadow will scare the hell out of you for sure! The babe is so much into her character and it literally shows in the teaser.

According to Rishika, Trunk was started out as a short film for Film Festival market. But later Rishika thought to make Trunk into a full fledged feature film.

Whatever the lady thought, we hope the final product is as strong as the teaser. The makers are planning an exclusive trailer launch on June 25th.

We at Sandalwood Cinema wish the entire team of Trunk loads of success and a great future! Watch the teaser and get really really scared! Because Horror.. Is the Future!