Sanchari Vijay is one such actor in namma Sandalwood who surely makes his presence felt in whichever project he does. One such film which took two years in the making is his upcoming film Padarasa.

Recently, the trailer of Padarasa was released by namma Action prince Dhruva Sarja who immensely liked the trailer and congratulated Sanchari Vijay and the whole team for their effort.

Padarasa’s story is about a villain (As quoted as Tagline in the posters) who has moved the hearts of all the humans. The movie is about the emotions in each and every human being. But the trailer of the film looks very opposite to what the makers claimed earlier. The film’s trailer is more on the funnier side and namma Sanchari Vijay looks very cute in it.

The film is written and directed by Hrishikesh Jambagi and the film stars Vaishnavi Menon, Niranjan Deshpande, Hanumanthe Gowda and Ravi Kalyan playing important roles.

We will leave you with the film’s trailer which is trending very good in the social media platforms as the film plans an August 10th release all over Karnataka.