Rakkam a Rap lyrical video song was released recently in YouTube. The lyricist have used legendary names to make it look good & video had many celebrities talking about the song to give a further push.

Hiphop might be more susceptible to scrutiny than any other genre. Its one of the popular genre in western Music, Karnataka also have good rappers who have delivered perfect raps in the past and they are still delivering it. However, songs like Rakkam damage the good reputation of our music and popular Kannada rappers.
The lyricist & Composer was just repeating the same thing over and over, goes another which didn’t had connection, it doesn’t even have meaning. We respect fact that Rakkam team doing it for our state and giving credits to the legends. We would request all the rappers who wants to do good Kannada Raps please refer KA01’s ‘Naan Kannadiga’ from All OK team or ‘Fire’ from Chandan Shetty, these rap songs are perfect examples where they spoke about our motherland and language.