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Punyathgittiru Trailer could have been good, and it is a decent trailer, no doubts. The only thing which ruins the whole trailer is it’s C Grade styled cinematography. To our surprise, the camera work is done by none other, but Sharath Kumar G.

Sharath Kumar G is the same camera man who handled cinematography of a pathetically made film Kannada Deshadol.

Sharath Kumar G (Image Courtesy: Facebook)

We really have no clue about those directors who hires such Cinematographers who cannot even collaborate with framing sense.

However, Punyathgittiru looks a typical female oriented masala film which is filled with glamour and action.

As far as the trailer goes, all the lead protagonists including Mamatha Rahuth and Divyashree who looked good and acted well.

The action scenes looked old style B Grade drama and the choreography looked as if we were watching films of 90’s era.

Punyathgittiru is directed by Raj B.N and produced by Sathyanarayana Manne under the banner of Sathya Movie Productions.

We wish and pray Punyathgittiru witnesses a tremendous success at the Box Office.

Take a look at the Trailer here: