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K Manju’s son Shreyas Manju’s Paddehuli Trailer has been released. And according to us, this ‘Over the Top’ trailer literally farts!

If you asks us why?, there are several reasons for our statement. But we would like to conclude this on shorter note, so less time is wasted.

The first important reason for Paddehuli Trailer farting is it’s YouTube Headline which has V Ravichandran and Rakshit Shetty’s name. Actually, both the stars are in small roles, but the makers (May be) wanted to en-cash the star popularity?

This is the same kind of cheap gimmick where an Up-loader (On the YouTube) uploads Kichcha Sudeep’s Huchcha and keeps the Headline as ‘Sudeep’s New Film Kottigobba 3’. By doing this, the up-loader gets good clicks and views, but also gets abused in the comment section.

The other reason why Paddehuli trailer farts is, it’s starts with ‘Singham-Kempe Gowda’ kind of background score and show Shreyas Manju doing ‘Malashree Style’ stunts.

We see Rakshit Shetty doing Kabaddi and V Ravichandran giving advice, and finally the trailer farts for the final time by showing Shreyas Sir doing musical concert by holding the ‘Guitar’ in a wrong position.

So who is Shreyas in the film? An Action Man? A Lover Boy? A Musician? You will find out when Paddehuli hits the screen.

Shreyas Manju shows some spark, but again, the spark farts when it’s written ‘Young Tiger Shreyas’ on the screen. Guys! Let the film get released first and at least allow this young man to prove his skills!

By the way, we also noticed, Shreyas Sir has bigger Nose than his Face!

Image Courtesy: Facebook

The Trailer has hits, likes and positive comments which can be purchased via PR Machinery. There are Troll Pages and Fan Pages who are raving about Shreyas Sir’s introduction, again, you can buy them from PR Machinery.

The reality will only and only be tested on the Friday when Paddehuli releases.

However, we will end this with our usual lines.. May Paddehuli become a blockbuster and fail all our assumptions!

Take a look at the Trailer here: