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Ond Kathe Hella trailer is out and it’s the first ‘South Indian Horror Anthology’ as claimed. We seriously don’t want to comment on other media reactions, but we laughed our lungs out after watching it.

Yes, we very well know that we have to support emerging talents who tries out of the box. But just to satisfy your small fake ego, we cannot call you Quentin Tarantino of Karnataka!

The trailer starts with quotes from Albert Einstein! Albert Einstein? Like, really?

The trailer mostly shows glimpses of five tales told in the movie. The background is not that extra-ordinary. The camera work looks lame and funny. Yes! The DI (Digital Intermediate) work looks good.

Ond Kathe Hella’s trailer also reminds of American Horror anthology Southbound (2015) which was critically and commercially successful film.

We are not saying Ond Kathe Hella is a copied/ripped off/inspired by Southbound!

There are good number of views and likes on the Trailer, but you can always hire a PR machinery who creates fake views and likes for you!

But on the frank side, the trailer is neither scary, nor interesting for that matter. We still wish loads of luck and success to the whole team. May the film see a huge success at the ticket counters.

Take a look at the trailer here: (You may read the cast and credits in the description box of the Trailer)