Nathicharami Image Courtesy | Facebook

Before elaborating my take on Nathicharami Trailer, i must admit that i have seen this film in Festival. But here, we will be talking about the film’s trailer.

What is a Cinema? According to me and general cine goers, cinema is a formĀ  of entertainment. There are few, i mean very few makers who shows Cinema as a form of society’s mirror, but how many of them witnesses success?

And my million dollar question; how many of the regular cine goers (Really) wants to see the society’s mirror you are trying to make?

Let’s admit the fact, a regular cine goer is already fed up and depressed with his/her routine life.

Nathicharami has our own #MeToo cry-baby Sruthi Hariharan in the lead and she is depressed, crying, screaming about her being a widow. And believe me, she doesn’t impress, but irritates.

Obviously, the actress will speak very much about her MeToo experiences (Again), once the makers starts the promotions of Nathicharami? Spare us Lady!

The only impressive thing about the trailer is the amazingly talented Sanchari Vijay. I repeat, i have seen the film and Sanchari Vijay rocks. Sharanya is very good in her performance.

To cut my take short, such films do not have a life at the Box Office. I will agree that many woman oriented films were successful at the box office, but those films had an entertainment value attached to them.

I will still pray Nathicharami to fail my assumptions and see a successful run.