We just cannot satisfy your fake ego by saying this is good and amazing! Even if we say it, the Box Office will speak the reality. May be there are people who are going ga-ga over the teaser of Mysore Diaries, but to be honest, this one is the most confusingly boring teaser i have ever seen.

Mysore Diaries talks about four friends and the city Mysore (As one of the characters in the Film) as per director Dhananjay Ranjan.

The teaser is shown in a ‘Reverse Format’ technique which makes it more uninteresting and lame at the same time! Please understand a simple mathematics dear makers.. We see trailers and teasers to see the subject and performances! And we cannot see them or understand them by using our brains in the reverse technique.

This is India and especially, Karnataka! Be as simple as you can! You can pay the Trolls and trend the teaser as much as you want. But honestly speaking, the teaser is really bad.

The film is produced by Deepak Krishna and has Prabhu Mundkur and Pavana in the cast. This might be a good film to watch! I repeat, Might! But going by it’s teaser, we think Kannada Viewers are smart enough to understand the whole story, despite going reverse!