The wait for the most expected trailer of the year ends this very minute.

The gigantic expectations kept growing ever since it was announced and with each tit-bits news, here and there, in last 2 years only created furore among the fans. The trailer was meant to deliver with heavy baggage due to the colossal expectations from one and all and it does with ELAN.

KGF will be released in two chapters and the first chapter traces from the beginning with two events taking birth around the same time; going by the circumstances and the situations, Rocky will grow strength to strength and brick by brick starting from Mumbai docks and moving to the destined battlefield, Kolar Gold Mines.

“A messiah always rises to protect his or her people when slavery is forced upon them, is the message.”

The sets, content, cinematography, dialogues and background music complemented equally to make it a periodic and revenge thriller.

The perspiration of Prashant Neel, Bhuvan Gowda and the entire team is vividly clear in each frame. This will stand out as best trailer, cut in decades. Until last year, the trailer of Mufti stood tall and swept one and all.

Now KGF-1 went a step ahead and declared solely that Kannada film industry will be taken to distinct heights through its content and making. All the elements are carefully packed to increase the levels of curiosity from the already existing one and has blockbuster written all over it.

KGF will be a treat for Kannada fans who were waiting with bated breath to gorge upon the good content and to start with, trailer delivers the delicious starters and sumptuous meal will be served on Dec 21.

Technically, KGF comprises with required aspects and that stands to deliver; be it the top notch cinematography, the characters design, the sets and the narration. BGM by Ravi Basrur yet again raises the bar and it will be heavy on ear drums but will have a soothing effect.

The Kannada audience can start the countdown to December 21, 2018 to make themselves available in this uproarious event of celebration.