The latest teaser of 8mm which got released is breaking the Social Media of Kannada Cinema lovers. Only because of namma Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh’s terrific looks and style! Yes! According to us, Jaggesh has left Hollywood star Al Pacino way behind with his new style and charming¬† looks.

The film 8mm refers to the size of the bullet and said to be the story-line of the film about a normal person, when provoked by his family and friends and let him down is forced to take a wrong path. He becomes a serial killer.

Jaggesh was also reported saying 8mm is a raw and rustic type shot thriller.

The film marks the directorial debut of Harikrishna S, with producers Narayan Swamy(Babu), Infant Pradeep, Saleem Shah. The film has music by Judah Sandy and camera work by Anthony Ruth Vincent. 8mm also stars Vasishta N Simha (Who, again looks terrific) and Mayuri.

Yes, after watching the second teaser of the film, i say it proudly that no doubt Jaggesh is an amazing actor who can do wonders when he wants to! No doubt 8mm raises the curiosity level much more! No doubt, 8mm will be a game-changer!