Girgitle is a film which was struggling in namma Gandhinagar from the year 2013! The Film maker Ravi Kiran took very long, we mean extra-ordinarily long in bringing this film out. Why? May be now, after watching this Torturing-To-The-Core teaser, we realize that no one was ready to produce the film?

We mean, no sane producer would be ready to produce this film?

The Teaser has nothing, and absolutely nothing to talk or rave about. It’s just has those low budgeted funny Kowrava Venkatesh kind of action scenes!

May be, i repeat, may be the film is a good film! But that is to be decided when Girgitle hits the Cinema Halls. As far as the Teaser of Girgitle is concerned, it will torture you to the core and it will surely give you a headache!

Yes, we know some Troll Pages raving about the Teaser! But you can Pay them via PR Machinery and they will troll you in a healthy way. Kannada Cinema’s record is; hardly 10% of the films (Which the Troll Pages trolled) made good money at the Box Office! Rest 90% of the films? Well, honestly, no one remembers them. Do a research yourselves, if you don’t trust us.

We also know it is very hard to make a Film! But we just cannot satisfy your small fake ego by praising your bad efforts!

We don’t know why, but Girgitle stars Guru, Pradeep Chandru, Vaishnavi, Adhvithi Shetty, Rangayana Raghu, Satya Prakash, Raghava Uday, Kotte Prabhakar, Petrol Prasanna. And we swear, we don’t know why, but Girgitle is produced by Girish, Thimmraju and Venkatesh.

Here! Watch the Teaser and Torture yourself more! PS: Don’t go on the Teaser-Likes, as the Likes too can be created by Friends and PR Machinery merely by opening a YouTube account: