So here is another Horror-Thriller-Paranormal Kannada feature film that is interestingly titledĀ  03:00 Hrs and it is directed by newcomer Yateesh.

However, Yateesh goes on to deny the film being tagged as a ‘Horror’ film. “It’s not a Horror. More over the recent horror films which has come are not up to the standards. I find a routine story in it”. says Yateesh.

So in Yateesh’s own words, what is 03:00 Hrs all about if not a Horror? “Riding on their path of success, a team of paranormal investigators stumble upon a project that requires them to collaborate with a media house. Amidst disasters and suspicious deaths, the protagonist stumbles upon a grave truth involving a doll, a camera, and a clock nearing 03:00. Will he rely on his experiences so far to connect the dots or will he dare to look what’s in the camera to uncover the mystery?“. adds Yateesh.

03:00 Hrs stars Shrikanth Ganeshan, Ganeshwari Kandregula, Aditi Myakal, Zooni and the cinematographer of the film is Pran Udiyana who was the second unit camera man for films such as RangiTaranga and Rajaratha. The film’s scoring is done by Advik Shetty.

The makers have also launched an eye catching Motion Poster which has mind of a very talented Art Director Sowmya.

03:00 Hrs is about to release this November all over Karnataka as per the Director. We, however wish the team loads of success at the Box Office.