Duniya Vijay launches his son Samrat Vijay with his new film Kusthi which is touted to be a wrestling film. But the question is, how far is the Sandalwood viewers are ready for such experiment?

The First Look teaser of Kusthi is out today on Samrat Vijay’s birthday where the film’s poster calls for a ‘Happy Birthday’ wish.

Duniya Vijay does exactly the same with Samrat Vijay’s Kusthi what Will Smith in Hollywood did for his son Jaden Smith with the money-spinner The Karate Kid (2010). The only difference here is, Jaden Smith had Jackie Chan to support him. And Samrat Vijay has his own father Duniya Vijay supporting him in the movie.

Kusthi is directed by Raghu Shivamogga of Churikatte fame. The film is based on an intense situation revolving around the desi game of wrestling. Duniya Vijay will be seen in a completely different look and characterization.

Kusthi’s teaser exactly sounded like Aamir Khan’s Dangal and Jackie Chan’s The Karate Kid. According to us, the teaser was not impressive at all and we wish Duniya Vijay could come up with something more impressive and positive story line for the debut of his son keeping the age in mind.

However we wish the father and the son loads of success and await the film to arrive!

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