A woman (Lakshmi Anil) who dreamed of becoming an Actress and somehow her dream couldn’t get fulfilled, asked her husband (Anil Brahmavar) to produce a film!

This is how Aranyakanda was made.

The makers released the Audio (Lahiri Music and T Series Kannada) with lots of hope of seeing success with their Mystery-Thriller Aranyakanda. The film is directed by Raghunandana S and sees the star cast such as Amar, Archana Kottige, Gururaj Shetty and others. Amar plays the role of a thief while Archana plays a Journalist in the film.

The 2 minute, 25 seconds trailer shows all thrill elements in the Jungle and the camera work is a plus point here.

We wish and hope Aranyakanda witnesses all the deserved success for the people involved.