Amar Teaser is the teaser which entire Sandalwood waited for. Because Abishek Ambareesh makes his acting debut with Amar. The greatness of Kannada makers is, even before his film Amar is out in cinemas, Abishek is already tagged ‘Young Rebel Star’.

Give him a break guys! At least, let him prove himself first. Just because he is a son of Legend Ambareesh, is it necessary to put a huge pressure on him in the Teaser itself?

We very well know the entire Kannada Cinema’s who’s who will be mounting Abishek’s publicity in every possible way. But the film Amar is yet to hit the screens. Let us all remember that!

Amar’s Teaser is nothing much but Action, Style, Mass Appeal. As far as the content goes, i didn’t find anything unique or exciting, for that matter.

Abishek looks so much similar to Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor that for a minute, i thought Arjun made his Kannada debut (Which is of course not possible).

Abishek’s looks (especially), his mannerism and style matches step-by-step to the Bollywood actor. They both have a same smile as well.

Take a look here: