We came across the Trailer and first look materials of upcoming Kannada film Abhisaarike and we found it Different and Interesting at the same time. It is reported that the makers claimed Abhisaarike to be a Romantic-Horror film.

The film stars Tej, Yash Shetty, Ashok, Sonal Montero, Rachana, Shalini and other new faces. Madhusudana A S directed and written the film where Shivakumara K and Prashant Kodgedar has produced the film under Bhagyalakshmi Productions and Vision Cinemas banner.

The trailer starts with two lovers and an woman (Probably the girl’s mother) opposing their relationship to theĀ  core. Later the trailer shifts the story about a demonic cat who makes peoples lives hell.

The camera-work and the music by Karan B Krupa looks good along with a medium budgeted production values.

The makers plan to release the film this August 10th all over Karnataka.

We hope and wish the makers all the success and leave you with the film’s Trailer.