If you all are aware of Kerala classical dance, you surely know about Mohiniyattam which is obviously one of the two classical dances from the region which still remains popular in the state.

The art aficionado of Mysuru were treated with a beautiful Mohiniyattam performance at Veene Sheshanna Bhavan as part of Nartana Namana by Raasavrunda team. Niveditha Harini, who is a chemistry lecturer, for the first time performed Kerala’s own art form ‘Mohiniyattam’.

Image Courtesy: Niveditha harini’s Facebook Page.

The spell-bounding performance of Niveditha Harini was appreciated as she danced with the perfect spark and movements which brings Niveditha in our Fashion Column.

Apart from Mohiniyattam, Kathakali is another popular classical dance from Kerala. Mohiniyattam’s roots, like all classical Indian dances, are in the Natya Shastra. The dance follows the Lasya style described in Natya Shastra, that is a dance which is delicate, eros-filled and feminine.

Image Courtesy: Niveditha harini’s Facebook Page.

Mohiniyattam is traditionally a solo dance performed by women after extensive training. And the performance of Niveditha Harini portrayed the hard work went into her training very accurately.