Rashmika Mandanna created a rave from her debut film Kirik Party. She went on to earn the love of her Fans in loads of other work she did. But this time, namma own Holly Hunter Rashmika comes up with a mind blowing look and role from Vrithra.

Vrithra’s first look poster of Rashmika Mandanna was recently uploaded on her Social Media, and to be specific, namma Rashmika looks freaking awesome as an investigative officer in the Poster. The poster immediately reminds me of Holly Hunter from the famous series Saving Grace.

Namma intelligent Kannadigas; kindly don’t drive your mind for Vrithra taking any inspirations from Saving Grace because it’s not! This comparison is purely from Sandalwood Cinema to cherish and cheer namma Sandalwood actors and to make a point that we are no less than anyone.

Now, talking about Vrithra, the film is directed by a talented newcomer R Gautham Iyer and the film is an investigative Thriller.

We at Sandalwood Cinema hope and pray Vrithra to be a successful film and Rashmika Mandanna’s career grows up more from this one as according to the Poster, Vrithra looks simply terrific.