Radhika Chetan is namma Sandalwood’s own Jennifer Lawrence at any given time. What Lawrence does back in Hollywood, one can resemble here in Radhika!

Radhika charmed everyone of us with her outstanding performance in Hottegagi Genu Bategagi alongside legend Anant Nag. No second thought about Radhika being a good actress and she has been successfully proving this time after time since RangiTaranga.

We all know how Radhika is obsessed with Bengaluru City. She grew up in Mysuru, but she gives all the credits to Bengaluru city for giving her artistic dreams reality and for making her everything that she is today.

Having started off as a Theater Artist, today Radhika Chetan not only respects and loves artistic formats, but she has huge love towards today’s fashion too. And her Social Media which is filled with her Style Pictures is enough to judge this.

On the career front, Radhika is looking forward for her two films to release which are Asathoma Sadgamaya and Chase.