Who doesn’t know the lovely looking actor Yashas Surya! The actor who made his mark with a lovely body of work, has his own style when it comes to Fashion.

Last seen in films like Raama Dhanya, for which he underwent for intense training says “Fashion is nothing but a combination of Comfort and Style“. The actor’s last film was a woman oriented horror film Chitte!

Yashas further elaborates “Being an artist, we have to keep style in mind and make sure we look presentable. But comfort plays a vital role because if we are not comfortable, then the look becomes a chaos. Well, not to forget to keep up with the trend”.

The actor inserts his views on Fashion which is culminated by a normal person by adding “Even a person who doesn’t think of style and fashion, gets up in the morning and thinks of what to wear which will look good“.

Yashas Surya has his own style statement which he says “My Style statement is nothing but Comfort and carry the Comfort with that attitude which makes is stylish. For me, a pair of Jeans and a Tee or a Casual Shirt would be my Comfort Clothing“.