And the release date of Namma Mass Queen Ragini Dwivedi’s The Terrorist is announced, and it hits the screen on October 18th! Yes, the same day when Kannada Cinema’s most awaited and most anticipated Dr Shivaraj Kumar and Kichcha Sudeep starrer The Villain releases.

If we go back a little, the trailer of the film was launched on Kichcha Sudeep’s birthday which was 2nd September. And now, the makers decides to release the film when Sudeep’s film hits the screen. We still fail to understand this coincidence.

The question which raise our curiosity would be; when the entire Karnataka is awaiting to see the Legends movie, why have the makers made the decision of releasing The Terrorist on this same date? Are they following the same old school formula that if The Villain is seen House Full shows, the audience will opt for option two which is The Terrorist?

Or is the date 18th October? 8+1=9? The number 9 Astrology chronicle? Or the makers wants to en-cash the ‘Holiday’ period?

A distribution source informs “There is no buzz about the film and the actress has already lost her market. Her last films Kiccha and MMCH failed to create any impressions. There are only two things which can save this film, good content or God’s miracle! Rest, releasing a film on this date is a suicide mission”.

According to us, every film must make a mark and every good film must do good business at the Box Office. We don’t know what The Terrorist is all about, but the film’s trailer wasn’t up to the mark.

We hope The Terrorist wrongs every ‘Myth’ and all the ‘Negative Speculations’ and becomes a money-spinner because the efforts behind making a film should pay off. The Terrorist is directed by PC Shekhar.

PS: Only ‘Morons’ will take this Article in a Negative Way.