The year 2018 was quite a mixture of both exceptional and dreadful events. From #MeToo to Many Celebrities Wedding/Engagement. From Hits to Flops, the much awaited big budget films being failed both at the Boxoffice and to win the hearts of the Cinegoers, while on the other hand, many newcomers surprised the audience by giving a memorable performance. KGF on the whole created a New Era, by smashing all the records even going beyond the seven seas.

Well, now 2019 seems to be the year where the stage is set for the star kids to make their great entry to the Sandalwood. From Ambareesh to Ravichandran, Sudharani, Mamatha Rao and Ramkumar who carved their names in the Sandalwood ruling the silver screen over the decades are now set to make a way for the next generation stars.

Here’s hoping we get to see some fresh and real talent this year. We bring you a list of star kids who are all set to enter KFI.

Abhishek Gowda

Abhishek along with his father Ambareesh

Abhishek, son of the star couple Ambareesh and Sumalatha is all set for his debut launch with the film Amar. The Young Rebel Star believes he’s born to act and he is in the right path following the footsteps of his father, the success or the failure of the film depends upon his performance, hence he is taking care of each and every minute thing, so that we get to see a good film.

Amar is helmed by the director Nagashekar and bankrolled by N Sandesh, the movie features Tanya Hope as the female lead. The film also sees Anoop Bhandari and Rachita Ram in a cameo role. With Arjun Janya scoring the music the team is planning to launch the audio and the teaser sometime in January.

It is also said that Rebel Star was elated after watching the first half of the film and Abhishek’s performance. Soon, Abhishek is coming as Amar in front of the Kannada Audience, hope he lives up to the expectations and carry forward his father’s legacy.

Dheeren and Danya

Dheeren Ramkumar | Image Source: Instagram

After Vinay Rajkumar, its Dheeren and Dhanya who are representing the third generation of the Dr. Raj’s Family. Actor Ramkumar and Poornima’s son Dheeren has started shooting for his debut movie Daari Thappida Maga. While on the other hand their Daughter, Dhanya is currently prepping for her debut with the acting classes at Abhinaya Taranga, learning few dance forms. Surrounded by the people who talk and breathe only films inspired them to take up an acting career.

Daari Thappida Maga is being directed by Arun Kumar of Dilwala and Rambo 2 fame, produced under Jayana Combines along with Dr. Suri. The film has Arjun Janya’s Music, Sudhakar Rao’s cinematography and Ravi Verma is choreographing the action sequences.

Danya Ramkumar | Image Source: Instagram

While Dhanya is still looking for the right script and in the interim, she’s busy preparing herself, if everything falls in the right place soon the first girl from the Dr. Rajkumar Family is all set to make her grand entry to Sandalwood.

Vikram Ravichandran

Vikram Ravichandran | Image Source: Instagram

In 2017 we saw the debut of Manoranjan Ravichandran and now in 2019, Ravichandran’s Younger Son Vikram Ravichandran, is next in the line to make his big debut in the Sandalwood.

The Yet to title film is touted to be an action cum love story and being directed by Sahana Murthy aka Narasimha of Rose and Mass Leader fame and produced by Somashekar and Suresh. The team is planning to commence the shooting from Yugadi and the title of the film to be revealed on Valentine’s day.

If things moved according to the plan, Novembernali Naanu Avallu should have been a Vikram’s debut film and should have been released by now. Nevertheless, Vikram is now preparing for the film through the acting workshop, getting trained by the Choreographers and also learning gymnastics & other stunts under Ravi Verma’s guidance.

Soon, we might see both the brothers acting in a same movie.

Abhishek Rao

Abhishek Rao | Image Source: Instagram

Abhishek is the son of the famous cinematographer and the film maker BC Gowrishankar and the actress Mamatha Rao, also the brother of Rakshita Prem. After completing the engineering Abhishek went to acting school at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. Recently he tapped his feet in the film The Villain for the song I am Villian along with Sudeep and Ishaan, also he assisted his brother in law, Prem for the same movie.

And now Prem is ready to introduce him as the hero and the title Launch will happen this valentine’s day. Prem, who is still busy structuring the scripts says, the film is going to be a musical love story based on the true incidents and all the details to be revealed on the title Launch day.

Nidhi Rao

Nidhi Rao along with her Mother Sudharani | Image Source: Instagram

Nidhi Rao’s debut has long been the topic of discussion. She was earlier approached to play a female lead opposite to Shreyas for the film Padde Huli. But, since Nidhi was still studying, her mother Sudharani had declined the offer to act in the film. Now that she has completed her studies, she’s looking forward to make her debut.

It was also rumored, that she will be launched by Prem, the movie, which features Abhishek in the lead role. However, Prem denied the rumors stating he never contacted Nidhi nor her mother Sudharani regarding this, he also thanked the media for giving the idea of casting Sudharani’s daughter. Only time has to say, whether Nidhi will be launched by Prem or some other director.

Apart from these star kids, Producer Cum Distributor K Manju is launching his son Sheryas in Padde Huli. Sudeep’s Nephew Sanchith Sanjeev is also marking his acting career in Sandalwood. Sanchith had previously directed the short film Ondanondu Dina which featured Shraddha Srinath and Sudha Belawadi, the short film deals with an encounter between a mother and her daughter, whom she had given up for adoption years ago, which he had shot for the final project for his course at the New York Film Academy. After working in many commercials, short films he later worked as the Co-director for the film Ambi Ning Vayassaytho.