May be many of you might have noticed this, but we at Sandalwood Cinema are the first one to report this. We have total number of ‘Seven Films’ releasing today on 6th of July. Are we heading into right direction? Let’s analyze this!

We have Tagaru, Gultoo, Raambo 2 and Amma I Love You which are playing very good in Cinemas. We also have Kelavu Dinagala Nanthara entering third week and Star 121 Hash entering it’s second week. So in total, we have six films which are already playing in Cinema all over Karnataka.

I will not mention Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam films which have already occupied the shows.

Now this week we have seven new films releasing in theaters which includes 6ne Maili, Kannadakkagi Ondannu Otti, Asathoma Sadgamaya, Vajra, Parasanga, Kuchiku Kuchiku and Dhangadi.

So with the total numbers of approximately 25 films (Of all the Languages) running in one week, are we going in for a suicide mission? Or we are doing a right exposure of namma Sandalwood?

With such a big flow of films, the Film Chamber must realize this step will kill the business of Kannada Cinema. Film Chambers must be strict enough and call a meeting with all the Producers and ask them to release only 3 to 4 films in a week.” Says an Exhibitor (Who wanted his name confidential).

One of the Producer (Name kept Confidential) adds “Our Astrologer suggested us a Date. Let 10 films come that day, only our film will be a Hit“. When we conveyed one Distributor this message, the Distributor immediately replied “If the film Flops, that same Astrologer will disappear and won’t even answer the Producer’s phone call“.

One seasoned actress (Name kept Confidential) sweetly adds “As it is Audiences are not coming inside the Cinema Halls. They are not even interested to watch a Kannada Film on Piracy. And then we give them this 7 Films choice! Don’t you think it is little over the top?“.

We at Sandalwood Cinema hope and pray that all the films should see success! But we also think a special committee should be in-charge about the films releasing every week so that the business of Kannada Cinema should not suffer! It’s high time to think hard for every Film maker, Producer, Distributor and Exhibitor as well.

Long Live Namma Sandalwood!