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I always wanted to share information about people behind the camera, they are the backbone of every movie which we see on big screen. I take this opportunity and thank Sandalwood Cinema (Online Magazine) for giving me this opportunity to write guest articles about our Directors, Assistant directors, Script/Dialogues writers, Cameramen, Technicians and the list goes on.

Here is my debut article on ‘Behind the Camera‘.

KFI is enhancing in terms of contents & genres, and our audience are appreciating the content driven movies. The genre of Sci-fi (Science Fiction) is new to Kannada film industry. In 2017, Tora Tora – a movie based on ‘Time travel’ came out and most of the Kannada movie goers didn’t know when it came and went out of the movie theaters.

As an absolute movie buff, I was so excited when I came to know that we are about to witness yet another Sci-fi film in KFI.

In this write up, you will read about ‘Ajay Sarpeshkar‘ and his first venture ‘Mysore Masala

Ajay Sarpeshkar is a US returned techie, and he is making a Sci-fi movie in Kannada. He grew up in Bangalore and he realized that movie making is his true calling, He has quit his job in Houston, USA., to direct a Kannada movie – Mysore Masala.

After seeing the first glimpse of his debut movie, I had few questions in my mind and I reached out to him via email, he is a tender-hearted person and I got replies to my questions.

Here we go with the questions which I asked to Ajay Sarpeshkar

Why you chose Sci-fi genre? & how did you come up with the idea of Sci-fi?

There have not been many movies in this space in Indian film world hence I chose to do this.  Science and the universe have always fascinated me. The question of who we are and what we are doing here has always been on my mind. Science fiction helps answer that question.

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What made you to direct a film in KFI?

Well I am a Kannadiga first and also a techie. Secondly Heritage conservation is close to my heart. I have always been irked by people relieving themselves on the side of the road and on old relics in Mysuru. In my own entertaining way, I am trying to create heritage awareness. Karnataka has many heritage sites which needs serious attention.

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What roadblocks did you face when you were filming Mysore Masala?

I had to work on an experimental budget, I know that I can’t compete with Hollywood films, but I keep things realistic. The technology shown in the film is based on real or basic technology being used today, and relates to detection of gravitational waves and astronomical physics. I have tried to capture that in cinema.

What can we (Kannada movie lovers) expect from Mysore Masala?

It has science (fiction), drama, adventure and more making it a spicy fare just like a typical Mysore Masala Dosa.

I will come up with, one more person from behind the camera and share the details about his/her next ventures.