Anchor Chandan a.k.a Chandrashekhar was killed in a road accident along with Singer Santoshi. This untimely death shocked Sandalwood to the core.

Chandan and the Team were traveling to Harihara when their car slammed with a standing lorry. They all were going for a show at Bailhongal.

On a ‘Shraddhanjali’ which was held on Sunday, Raghavendra Rajkumar arrived to pay his condolence to young anchor cum actor Chandan and his family. While speaking, Raghanna mentioned about his father Dr Rajkumar always said Fans are God. Since (Late) Chandan was also a Dr Rajkumar fan, Raghanna further mentioned that he feels “What it takes to lose a son of a Family and he is also a son to Chandan’s family from now on” pacified Raghanna.

Raghavendra Rajkumar also came forward to help Chandan Family in whichever way possible.

At the Mantap of Dr Rajkumar, Chandan’s photograph was kept and flower petals were offered.

Dr Rajkumar’s family have always made sure that they have stood beside any needy actors or technicians of Sandalwood. Apart from Film making, the Family made sure they are active in all the Social Cause and made Sandalwood always realized that they are always there.