And yes, this one is surely unbelievable but it’s true! Hollywood actress Abigail Breslin felt complimented with namma Sandalwood actress Harshika Poonacha!

This Twitter Incident happened when we at Sandalwood Cinema wrote an article about Harshika Poonacha on her new film Chitte where we compared Harshika with the Hollywood actress who is known for her wonderful performances and her fashion sense. Harshika felt happy and excited about the comparison and tweeted thanking us and Ms Abigail.

The lovely actress by heart, Abigail, immediately responded Harshika by tweeting her back that she feels complimented too. This is why we all say ‘Art has no boundaries’.

Abigail Breslon is known for her films such as Little Miss Sunshine, My Sister’s Keeper, Definitely Maybe, Zombieland and the TV Series Scream Queens for Fox.

Harshika on the other hand is awaiting her film Chitte to hit the screens sometime soon.

Disclaimer: The comparison of Actors (In a healthy way in Kannada Cinema) is started exclusively by Sandalwood Cinema.