Nowadays the filmmakers are not only way ahead in making the film by the rich content, but also marketing it in all possible ways. And there is no doubt with these creative ideas, they are reaching out as much as people and impressing the movie goers.

While the promotions of KGF going on with a full swing in all the languages, the makers have now released the official Merchandise through Benki Store.

The trend of Merchandise isn’t new for KFI, we have witnessed many such films which launched its own Merchandise. Aziteez and Iruve are serving many such merchandise and now Benki also joins the list.

Benki Store was recently launched sometime in November and have already created a buzz in the Merchandise Market and with the KGF Merchandise it has grown even wider now. The Movie buff can buy these Merchandise at Benki Store (Click Here)

Glimpse of KGF Merchandise on Benki Store