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The #MeToo movement has taken India, especially Bollywood by storm! Namma Sandalwood actress Sruthi Hariharan who held a press meet on Sunday, came forward with her allegations on veteran actor Arjun Sarja.

Sruthi raised an allegation against veteran actor Arjun Sarja that he had run his hand down her back inappropriately while rehearsing for a scene in the bilingual film Vismaya. She also claimed, she will be providing the necessary evidences very soon, as per few reports. Actors such as Prakash Raj came in the support of the actress.

When this news went viral, several big Celebrities came and stood in favor of Arjun Sarja. Veteran actress Khushboo released a video statement where she said “I know and i respect Arjun to the core and the allegations from the actress cannot be digested by me. He (Arjun) is a man who will take a stand for any woman in trouble“.

The scenario in namma Kannada Film Industry is not gelling in a positive way for actress Sruthi Hariharan, as people who personally know Arjun Sarja are standing in favor of the actor and declining all the allegations made by Sruthi.

Actress Harshika Poonacha long back made a statement about casting couch, in which she said “I am treated as a princess in Sandalwood. There is No Casting couch here, Stop rubbishing! This is my 10th year in the industry and I am the happiest I could be because I’m treated so well here“.

A source who is a working actress (And who wanted to remain anonymous) bluntly said “I think Sruthi Hariharan is the next Sri Reddy of Sandalwood. If you look at her strategy, she is exactly following the same way what Sri Reddy followed, except for stripping down in front of some Film Chambers. Even Sri Reddy blamed veterans and promised that she had evidence, but nothing appeared“.

Few Troll Pages has already started trolling the actress Sruthi Hariharan in a negative way and portraying Arjun Sarja in a positive light. Arjun has a huge number of Fan Following which respects the actor for his contribution in South Indian cinema, especially Sandalwood.

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A Distribution trade source commented “Sruthi Hariharan will have to face the defamation charge if she cannot provide the evidence and if she is misusing this #MeToo platform. Also, this decision might effect her Sandalwood Career. I think, from the time she claimed the allegations, she is becoming a laughing stock in Kannada Industry with all the back-lashes coming towards her“.

We do not point or comment if Sruthi Hariharan is misusing the #MeToo movement? Is Sruthi Hariharan, the first exposed ‘Laughing Stock’ of the #MeToo movement? Or is she the next Sri Reddy of Sandalwood? But we will surely keep you  posted and updated about the whole case, whichever turns it takes.

Disclaimer: This Article is prepared by all the necessary Interviews and Quotes and it is the Author’s own point of view which is in no way connected with Sandalwood Cinema. This article does not intends to defame or hurt anyone.