Amar Gowda changed his name from Adarsh Gowda and tries hard his luck in Sandalwood. His upcoming film Aranyakanda directed by debutante Raghunandan S looks very interesting. Amar also has handful of films before Aranyakanda hits the silver screen.

As the main lead, Aranyakanda is Amar’s first film but he has done lots of plays in Theater earlier with Parasanth Sidhi.

One fine day i did audition for Raghunandan sir and he told me initially to act. Immediately he liked me and the role was given to me. In Aranyakanda, i play a Thief who is out to rob a treasure in the Forest along with his team“. says Amar.

Elaborating further, Amar says “I did lot of preparations for this role by watching YouTube videos. In how those Videos i saw how those (Thieves) people robs. I gained some 15kgs for this role so that my face suits the character“.

Speaking further on his future front, Amar says “I want to do different roles in future. I want to be recognized as a good and a hard working actor. I am a big fan of Vijay Sethupathi (Tamil Actor) and i would like to work like him. Choose films like how he does“.

The makers of Aranyakanda are planning to release the film this month hopefully. The film has been cleared from the Censor Board where the board has allowed a clean U/A certificate to the film.

We wish the whole team and actor Amar Gowda a huge success!