When we at Sandalwood Cinema, personally surveyed, we found out the audiences wanted to see films such as Naduve Antaravirali and The Terrorist. We also met an Exhibitor who holds some Cinemas and we had a blunt conversation with him.

The Exhibitor requested us to keep his identity hidden as he was exposing some real truth about how the whole nexus works, and how well made films such as Ondalla Eradalla, Aa Karaala Ratri, The Terrorist and Naduve Antaravirali suffered from  last three months.

The Exhibitor is also a hard-core Cinema Lover. He claims, he pays money to his Cinema Ticket and watches every film. Normally, an Exhibitor does not have to pay for a Cinema Ticket because he runs the Cinema. To cut the story short, he worships Cinema!

We dream of bringing Kannada Cinema to a top level and we do not support it? It’s a shame! There was a Big Release by which 50% of the audience has been disappointed, still the makers rejects the idea of leaving some chains of Cinema to smaller films, why? In fact the makers calls the Press and Media and announces an unbelievable figure about the movie made in four days, and Press and Media (Without understanding the logistics and facts) publishes that figure? They are making a fool of us and we are becoming one happily without questioning. Don’t you have a Calculator in your phone? Can’t you make a Calculation?“. says the Exhibitor with anger.

On the suffering of films such as Naduve Antaravirali and The Terrorist, the Exhibitor concludes “Why only Naduve Antaravirali and The Terrorist? Let’s get our facts straight here by admitting that whenever a good film gets released and appreciated, some Big Maker will suddenly books a huge chain of Cinema without announcing and he will kill that good film mercilessly. Why is Film Chamber mute on this?“.

Exhibitor cannot take a stand in front of the Big Film because he has paid a huge amount to that big film. Until and unless that big amount is not recouped by the film’s run, the exhibitor is paralyzed and he cannot change the film with another film. Public support plays a big part here. According to me, every film must get a fair chance. Public should go to Cinema and ask the makers and exhibitors what they want to see“.

The Exhibitor also gave few other examples of some well made films which got ruined because some Big Film booked  Cinemas and was not willing to compromise.