Recently released Kannada film Loudspeaker turns out to be a Copied/Rip-Off/Inspired/Adapted version of critically acclaimed Italian film Perfect Strangers (2016) a.k.a Perfetti Sconosciuti which is directed by Paolo Genovese.

If the makers of the original version decides to take a legal route against Loudspeaker makers, Loudspeaker will also see the same fate of Ramesh Arvind’s Pushpaka Vimana.

Editor and Film Critic of Sandalwood Cinema, Shaheen Gowda approached and informed Paolo Genovese and the Production Studio Lotus Production about their film Perfect Strangers being copied and unofficially remade as Loudspeaker in Kannada. However, it is yet to be disclosed if the makers of Loudspeaker obtained the remake rights officially or the film being remade without taking necessary permission.

Paolo Genovese (Picture Courtesy: Paolo Genovese’s Facebook Handle)

No remake rights of my movie Perfect Strangers has been sold. I have to ask my Producers if they have sold the film’s right“. informed Paolo Genovese who was shocked to know the truth of Loudspeaker being remade in Kannada.

How did it all started? Shaheen Gowda wrote Loudspeaker’s review by awarding the film 0.5 Stars as she had already seen the original version (Like many others). One of the actor from the movie Loudspeaker, Abhishek Jain started slandering the female Journalist on her Social Media handle Facebook by humiliating and insulting her skills and taste for watching movies (The chats are screenshot and saved). As per Indian Constitution, a Journalist reserves the right to report and inform. Shaheen Gowda approached Paolo Genovese and informed him about Loudspeaker and it’s plot similarity.

Noted Film maker and Journalist, Faisal Saif (Main Hoon Rajinikanth and Ragini Dwivedi starrer Amma) explains a detail analyzing about the Copyright Acts and Issues as his film Main Hoon Rajinikanth was also a victim of Personality Rights in India.

The main basic plot and crux of both the films is Seven Friends (Including a Divorcee) gathering up for a dinner-party and plays a game of keeping their Phones on ‘Speaker Mode’. So this plot and extreme similarity automatically becomes the matter of Copyright in the eyes of the Law, no matter if you have added few more sub-plots in the film. If Loudspeaker makers have obtained the rights, they should go Scott Free. If not, they will have to face the Law like everyone else.” says Faisal Saif.

About the action which the original makers can take against Loudspeaker makers, Faisal elaborates “I have observed the case of Ramesh Arvind starrer Pushpaka Vimmana very closely. In the case of Loudspeaker, the plaintiff (Perfect Strangers makers) can impose an Interim Injunction where Loudspeaker makers cannot screen or exhibit the movie, all the income of Loudspeaker film will go to the plaintiff or the plaintiff can demand a settlement amount, it all depends on the case (If filed)“.

(Left) Film Maker Faisal Saif and (Right) Loudspeaker Actor Abhishek Jain (Picture Courtesy: Facebook)

Actors or Film makers who cannot take Criticism strongly and slanders, on this issue, Faisal said “Strict action must be taken against that Actor. The Journalist has full rights to file an FIR or a case of defamation against the actor. Criticism should always be taken in a healthy way. This is so funny that when you want to promote your film, you need a Journalist to write good about you. And when that same Journalist criticize your work, you slander him/her by insulting. So why you need Press? Just stick the Posters on the walls and release your film“.

We at Sandalwood Cinema will be updating you more about what decisions the makers of Perfect Strangers take. In the meanwhile, two small advice with all the due respect to our fellow media outlets and Journalists. Kindly do a small research before distributing 4 Stars and 5 Stars like Chocolates and Toffees. And if someone insults your fellow Journalist, kindly show a little support.

Let us Save namma Kannada Cinema and namma Kannada Media as well.