Director Vinaj Balaji With Priyamani

Vinay Balaji is yet-another-talented Film maker and he is ready with his debut venture “Nanna Prakara”. Vinay Balaji is a multi-talented technician who is a degree holder in VFX from ZICA (Animation, VFX & design institute).

He has worked with directors A Harsha and Naresh as a spot editor, he also worked as an assistant editor for Ganesh (Anjaniputra fame).

Vinay Balaji took a call to direct short movies named ‘Paisa’ (Winner of Best concept, Mumbai Short Film Festival 2014) and He did one more short movie named “Camera”, while shooting the short film ‘Camera’, Vinay found a layer of storyline of Nanna Prakara.

His debut feature film’s story has 3 genres “Crime-Suspense-Thriller” with three separate stories that eventually connect to each other like a jigsaw puzzle and it promises to be an edge of seat outing.

The storyline is based on the philosophy of karma – “what goes around, comes around.”

Nanna Prakara Poster

As per Vinay, each and every character is a suspect, and audience have to think – who is the antagonist?

Nanna Prakara has a strong star cast starting from Kishore Kumar, Priyamani, Pramod Shetty, Mayuri, Arjun Yogi and Niranjan Deshpande, Girija Lokesh, Vaishnavi and Honnavalli Krishna are in a pivotal roles.

Kishore essaying the role of a cop and Priyamani will be seen as a doctor. The film is being Produced by GVK Combines, Gururaj.S, Kiran Talasila.

The movie is about consequences whether good or bad. The actual incidents are hidden from reality of the world. The investigation deals with finding out the truth.

Vinay and team is in a negotiation with one of the leading audio company to sell the audio rights and we can witness this nail biting thriller in next summer.