Kannada Cinema is changing and shaping up real well. There are makers who are trying out new formula’s to give unique cinema. And there are film makers who are trying to take Sandalwood to the global level.

In this same scenario, comes Digital Marketing which forays a new trend. Is a Kannada cine-goer really ready for Digital Marketing? How far this trend is successful, let’s analyze!

To be more specific let us agree to a fact, films which were released from last five years and became a Hit, were never dependent on Digital Marketing. They were only dependent either on Star Power or their strong content.

A small time Digital marketing company is trying hard to make it’s mark and it is called ‘The Big Little’ with the log line that claims “We sell Movies, the Big, the little, we sell them all”.

For the makers who are reading our piece, kindly do not get confuse by The Big Little’s log line, because they do not distribute films. They market your films on digital platforms which is obviously not for free.

The Big Little is founded by Kavya Shankaregowda and Bharath Sudama and the films they are associated with are Kirik Party (Which was a Blockbuster for it’s content, and not for it’s Digital Promotions), Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu (Hit for it’s content), Gultoo (Hit for it’s uniqueness), Ayogya (Hit for it’s Mass Appeal), Chamak (Hit for it’s Star Power), Sarkari Hi Pra Shaale Kasaragodu (Definitely a Hit for it’s powerful content).

Kavya Shankaregowda and Bharath Sudama (Image Courtesy: Facebook)

And now let’s analyze the film’s where the company The Big Little did the Digital Marketing and Promotions. Humble Politician Nograj (Below Average), Katheyondu Shuruvagide (Despite of stars, the film failed to make any money), Victory 2 (Flop), Jeerjimbe (Disaster), Birbal Trilogy (Below Average), Bazaar (Flop).

The above analytics¬† clearly illustrates the number of unsuccessful films in the name of Digital Marketing. We wish and pray The Big Little goes very big and spread it’s wings with some unique dimensions.

It was also reported Bollywood film maker Anurag Kashyap was intrigued with Gultoo’s Digital Promotion campaign’s success. However, no official statement from the film maker or any press cuttings were available to back this claim!

And the million dollar question remains the same! Does Digital Marketing or Digital Promotion makes a film Hit at the Box Office? Or is this any unique way of churning out few more bucks from an already disturbed Producer in the name of Digital Publicity?

If the producers or general audience are tempted by YouTube hit counts, Likes, Comments or Ticket Booking website’s engagements, please be assured, those engagements are Paid and worthless. How come a particular film that has great engagements on it’s Trailer and Likes, still fails to make any money at the Box Office? There are umpteen number of films which enjoyed great counts and hits on their Trailers and Likes on Ticket Booking websites, but failed miserably at the actual Cinema Ticket windows.