Out of all upcoming out-of-the-box movies in Kannada, Dayal Padmanabhan’s Aa Karala Raatri looks most anticipating film. Especially with it’s stills, posters and trailer one can guarantee the film will generate maximum viewers.

Aa Karala Raatri stars Jayaram Karthik (JK) alongside Anupama Gowda and Naveen Krishna playing an important cameo and writing the film’s dialogues as well. The film is based on Mohan Habbu’s play of the same name.

Reports suggests when Dayal was one of the contestant in Bigg Boss house, he mastered this idea along with JK and Anupama Gowda. Once Dayal was out of the house, he brought the rights of the play and started developing the play into a screenplay. Actor Naveen Krishna assisted Dayal in nurturing the dialogues of the film as Dayal and Naveen had both worked together earlier in critically acclaimed film ‘Actor’ in 2016.

The film’s story is about a fortune teller (Cameo played by Naveen Krishna) enters the house of a poverty-striken family and informs them about their fortune changing over night. A mysterious traveler (Jayaram Karthik) enters their house on the same day and spends a night. (Story credits: Wikipedia Article).

As far as the trade is concerned, no official release date has been announced so far. We will leave you with the amazing trailer of the film and keep you updated about the film’s release as even we are eager to watch this whole drama unfolding in a typical Dayal Padmanabhan style on the silver screen.