Darshan and Devaraj were injured and hospitalized after their car crashed with the lamp post on Monday morning at 3 in Mysuru.

After admitting to Hospital, Darshan who suffered from a fracture underwent a surgery. The actor is currently in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and is expected to recover in two weeks. Veteran actor Devaraj injured his left-hand finger and chest while Anthony Roy, the driver who was driving the car suffered a fracture on his right hand.

Darshan’s own car Audi Q7 which was involved in the accident has been sent for the investigation.

Police commissioner AS Rao reportedly said “The accident took place when Darshan and Devaraj were returning to Bengaluru after dinner at a friend’s place in Hinkal”.

It is also said due to heavy rains, the driver had lost the control over the car which lead to this accident. It was also said the actors themselves got admitted to the Hospital without informing the Police.

The Columbia Asia Hospital chief Dr. Upendra Shenoy held a conference at the hospital and said, “We gave importance to treatment first and after initial procedures, we informed the Police. Darshan has sustained a fracture on his right forearm, Devaraj’s left hand fingers are injured and Roy Antony has suffered a fracture on his right hand”.

Vijaylakshmi, Darshan’s wife informed “Darshan is at present in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and he is out of danger”.