Birbal Trilogy which got released recently, brought in some good response. There were some Press and Media which had no clue about the film being heavily ripped off from a Korean Film New Trial, gave Birbal Trilogy potential reviews.

However, we really feel sad for those Media outlets.

The reality somehow speaks something else. Birbal Trilogy draws huge and extremely huge reference, including scenes and characters from the Korean movie New Trial. And these references cannot be a co-incidence.

On one hand, we are being proud of churning out biggest scale original works like KGF which takes Kannada Cinema to a new stand across the globe! And on the other hand, Kannada Cinema still copies International Films, gives them Kannada nativity and releases them claiming to be original.” says a Director (Who remains to be anonymous).

When contacted Yeshas Nag (Birbal Trilogy’s Distributor), he elaborated “I watched New Trial too. The film is almost the same except few sequences. I was involved during the Script Narration of the film but SriNi didn’t say anything about New Trial“.

Yeshas Nag (Image Courtesy – Facebook)

Yeshas further claimed “Both the films (New Trial and Birbal Trilogy) are based on true incidents, so no copyright can be claimed. Even if the New Trial team is informed, it will be a waste of their time if they file a case because the Producer is very influential.

Chat Interview Screenshot Of Yeshas Nag

According to Yeshas Nag, one can easily copy a content if the original is based on a true story? Or is he claiming if a Producer is strong and influential, you can break laws?

We really have no clue if copyright act provides this provision or not, we also are not sure if Birbal Trilogy makers obtained official permission from CJ Entertainment Group? But considering responsible journalism, the original creators must be informed.

Disclaimer: The above Article is prepared by all the necessary Interviews and Quotes and it is the Author’s own point of view which is in no way connected with Sandalwood Cinema. This article does not intends to defame or hurt anyone.