Balkani Lumiere Phalke logo was launched by Raghavandra Rajkumar on 17th November along with Suman Nagarkar, Roopa Iyyar, AP Arjun and Niranjan Shetty and Producer Narasimhalu in a grand event which was held in Hotel Holiday Inn.

Balkani News is hosting “Lumiere Phalke” short film contest. It has well-known names in Jury list such as Yograj Bhat, Roopa Iyyar, Arundhati Nag, Prakash Belawadi, P Sheshadri, Santhosh Rai Pathaje, Baraguru Rmachandrappa, KM Prakash and Basavalingaiah C.

We all know that, when it comes to the field of entertainment, Range and Length doesn’t matter. Short films are one of the mainstream story telling stage where imagination of the common man are displayed in a big way. Thanks to this category’s successful popularity in 21st century’s youth. All kinds of filmmakers, extending from first-timers shooting with their smartphones to established directors wanting to try a new thing have jumped on-board to make short film movement in a big way.

Balkani News, has decided to support and award the latest trends and passionate talents by starting a digital short film award contest.

The Juries of the Balkani Lumiere Phalke will get to watch all nominated short films and it is they who will vote for the overall winner, who will be presented at the Lumiere Phalke Awards Ceremony and the winner of the contest will get whooping Rs. 3 Lakhs prize.