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The Nation underwent a major set-back when floods hit Kerala. And now, in a huge relief to Kerala, rain has kept away from major parts of the state hit by floods and landslides that have killed over 200 people since August 8.

The Indian Meteorological Department still assumes ‘heavy rainfall’ expected only in Kozhikode, Kannur and Idduki districts over the next four days.

Film personalities and Celebrities are coming out with some heavy supports in favor Kerala. But there are few Celebrities and Film Personalities who are purposely propagandizing it in some or the other way. Maybe they want to inspire others in some way? But transferring some funds from your Bank Account and posting the receipt (Transferred Successful) on your Facebook handle, what are you exactly trying to illustrate?

Is this some kind of inspiration you are giving others or are you trying to show how good you are and gain some sympathy?

They say, when you do a ‘Donation’, you don’t publicize it. When you Publicize the donation, it means you have some other agenda attached to it.

However, there are few, and we mean very few Celebrities and Film Personalities who actually giving their helping hands towards Kerala (Secretly) and not speaking a word about it. We at Sandalwood Cinema salute them from the heart.

One such dumb actress is continuously posting her pictures of her visit to a small town in Karnataka which was affected badly. While an actor posts that he is supporting Kerala and immediately his other Post asks support for his upcoming movie which hits the cinemas soon.

Our heart goes out to Kerala and we pray for everyone who are the victim of Floods, simultaneously, we also pray for such Celebrities and Film Personalities who might be using Kerala floods as their Promotional Tool?.